LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 21:  Seth MacFarlane, Executive Producer/Creator/Actor celebrates the 100th episode of "The Family Guy" on June 21, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by John M. Heller/Getty Images)
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Family Guy Fans
All Agree That
This Is The
Biggest Scumbag
On The Show
When it comes to the massive "Family Guy" cast, some folks haven't built up the greatest reputations for themselves over its 20+-season run. In fact, fans would consider this mainstay the scummiest character on the program.
Reddit user u/medialover00 ran a poll asking the "Family Guy" community to decide which character they believe is the biggest scumbag of them all. More than 7,200 people voted, and the results were stunning — Stewie Griffin earned 172, Lois Griffin had 253, Mort Goldman secured 55, and Peter Griffin nabbed 952.
The two pack leaders were Glenn Quagmire and Brian Griffin, who walked away with around 2,400 and 2,900, respectively. There is no question that Brian has done and said genuinely awful things to those close to him and those whom he is unfamiliar with, but no matter how you look at it, "Family Guy" wouldn't be the same without him.