NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 16:  Actor Tom Selleck attends the PaleyFest NY 2017 "Blue Bloods" at The Paley Center for Media on October 16, 2017 in New York City.  (Photo by Mireya Acierto/FilmMagic)
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With a cast featuring legendary actors like Marlon Brando, you'd expect this film to have earned at least a lukewarm response, but 1992”s “Christopher Columbus: The Discovery” was an undeniable flop. Selleck plays King Ferdinand V, but it's not enough to rescue this troubled production that everyone probably wanted to put behind them.

17. Christopher Columbus

Selleck plays a museum curator who discovers a terrifying painting and quickly descends a rabbit hole of witchcraft, gruesome murders, and terrible acting. The cheesy acting and corny storyline can be a lot of fun, especially for people who are already into classic horror movies and guilty pleasures.

16. Daughters of Satan

The death penalty has been abolished in this movie, and the government exiles murderers to the remote Terminal Island. Selleck plays Dr. Milford and provides some crucial exposition to the audience in a film that has a lot of potential, but little payoff.

15. Terminal Island

Selleck portrays Jim Hawley, an engineer who refuses to take a handsome bribe from an immoral businessman. Categorized as a thriller, the film is anything but, with scene after scene of flat and uninspired dialogue, meaning the film is easily forgettable.

14. The Washington Affair

This 1990 sequel falls flat, with more than a few stereotypically tired jabs at British culture, causing this flick to fail to achieve the same lighthearted magic of the first film. Unless you finished the first film and are dying to see where the story goes, you can skip this one.

13. Three Men and a Little Lady