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Many fans feel that Season 2 is the weakest link in the entire show. While Krysten Ritter's Jane Margolis was a solid addition to the story and helped Jesse's character development, the season as a whole did not have the gripping twists and turns of later seasons and dragged out the marriage problems between Walt and Skyler.
After 4 seasons of non-stop action, part 1 of Season 5 was unusually slow-paced to help set things up for the finale and allow viewers to get unsettled. Some fans lost interest at this point, especially since Gus Fring had been killed in Season 4, but Season 5 would not have been the same without these early episodes to prepare viewers for the end.
“Breaking Bad” was still trying to find its footing in Season 1, which is why it doesn’t rank as high as later seasons. While it may be too slow-paced for some, it still establishes important groundwork by exploring Walt’s origin story and setting up his relationship with Jesse.
Season 3 is the divisive one among fans — some love it for its breakneck pace, its exploration of the breakdown of Walt’s life and its introduction of characters like the Salamanca twins and Gus Fring. Others think “Breaking Bad” lost its way in this season, with one fan complaining that the plane crash caused by Donald Margolis was a weak plot line unnecessary for the overall story.
The episodes that comprise Part 2 of "Breaking Bad’s” fifth and final season are high on the list because they provided a truly worthwhile ending. They ramped up the intensity in comparison to Part 1 and successfully “went against the status quo” (according to one fan), becoming the cherry on top of a show that fans hated to see the end of.
While many "Breaking Bad" fans probably have good arguments as to which season is their favorite, Season 4 is undeniably a knockout. It includes an unforgettable rivalry between Walt and Gus Fring, Ted Beneke’s financial problems, and the cartel’s role in messing with Walt’s operation, creating “sheer chaos” which also parallels Walt’s development on the show.