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Christopher Mintz-Plasse got his first acting gig in “Superbad” at the age of 17, and due to legal reasons, his mom had to be present on set while he filmed a sex scene. A couple years later, the actor revealed that although filming the scene in front of his mom was “real awkward,” doing so made it less awkward when he watched the movie with her.
Parental supervision
Renee Zellweger detailed her "horror" of an experience while filming "Judy" — which required her to wear a prosthetic nose tip and false teeth. During an intimate kissing scene with her co-star Finn Wittrock, Zellweger found that the tip of her nose had fallen off, leaving Wittrock's face covered in a "milk-like substance" from the prosthetic itself.
Prosthetic mishap
According to director Harmony Korine, snores could be heard from Gucci Mane when he fell asleep in the middle of filming a sex scene for “Spring Breakers.” While Mane attributed his mid-scene slumber to long working hours on set as well as the touring he’d just completed, Korine contests it was more so due to Gucci being under the influence of weed.
Falling asleep mid-scene
In Season 1 of “Game of Thrones,” Emilia Clarke had to eat 28 prop “hearts” that were made of jam and spewed “really, really sticky” fake blood — which made its way to several areas of her body. The fake blood worked like fast-acting glue and caused Clarke to momentarily disappear from filming because she had accidentally gotten herself stuck to a toilet.
Stuck to the toilet
While filming “Mrs. Doubtfire,” former child star Mara Wilson had had the "sex talk" with her mother — and wanted to tell everyone. According to Wilson, she knew “this big open secret” and ended up asking one of the set hairdressers if she had "done it," before announcing 'I KNOW ABOUT SE-EX! I KNOW ABOUT SE-EX!'" in a singsong voice.
'The talk'