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As the star of the show, it makes sense that Ellen Pompeo has spent time reflecting on her favorite "Grey's Anatomy" moments. During a 2020 interview, the actress revealed two of her top picks, and surprisingly they both take place in Season 2.
The first happens in the season premiere, "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head," in which Cristina admits that she needed to designate an emergency contact person, so she gave them Meredith's name. "You're my person," she tells Meredith, which has remained one of Pompeo's favorite interactions to this day.
Pompeo's second favorite moment occurred a few episodes later in an installment titled "Deny, Deny, Deny," when Christina’s traumatic pregnancy, her breakup with Burke, and her mother's meddling become too much to bear and she screams the relatable line, "Somebody sedate me!" It's a scene that's just as hilarious as it is heartbreaking; it's no wonder these two moments continue to stand out for Pompeo.