Actor Ben Affleck working a register in a Dunkin Donuts ad


Dunkin Donuts' Ben Affleck & JLo Commercial Has A Very Offensive Joke
Dunkin' Donuts' rowdy 2024 Super Bowl commercial shows Ben Affleck embarrassing his wife, Jennifer Lopez, by auditioning for a Dunkin' Donut-centered musical.
In the ad, Affleck refers to himself as "The Boston Massacre" while taking on a tough rap persona, and viewers enjoying the Super Bowl on X did not spare the commercial any flack.
"Did no one on the dunkin PR team think it may not be the best to yell 'here comes the Boston massacre' on an ad," said @smilylith.
The name refers to the historical event, which occurred on March 5, 1770, between Americans and British soldiers. The skirmish killed five and wounded six.
Outrage from this incident acted as a flashpoint for the American Revolution. While audiences disliked this year's campaign, Affleck's previous Dunkin' Donuts ads were a hit.