Goku raising his hand in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods


Dragon Ball Will NEVER Allow Goku’s Ultimate Super Saiyan Form
Fans of the “Dragon Ball” series created a transformation for Goku called Super Saiyan Infinity that’s more powerful than Super Saiyan Blue, his strongest canonical form to date.
The Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki mentions that Super Saiyan Infinity grants Goku infinite stamina and immortality in addition to significant power-ups to his signature attacks.
Goku’s hair also becomes so large it envelops his entire body. Another version of the character by YouTube animator Lord Aizen sports similarly massive hair and a god-like aura.
A different fan wiki describes yet another incarnation of the Super Saiyan Infinity concept, proving that the idea remains popular among a subset of the franchise’s fanbase.
Since Super Saiyan Infinity would be the ultimate Goku, if he learned it or an equivalent ability it would nullify his core personality trait of always training to become stronger.
By Super Saiyan Infinity’s definition, this ultimate Goku form is guaranteed to forever remain within the realm of fan fiction without ever crossing over into “Dragon Ball” canon.