Goku from Dragon Ball


Dragon Ball Theory: Could The Series’ Strongest Saiyan Unleash A Forbidden Form?
“Dragon Ball” has a long history with 21 movies, but most aren’t considered canon. Broly, a character in three of the movies, became canon in 2018, along with a new Saiyan form.
In “Dragon Ball GT,” a fourth version of the Super Saiyan power up was unlocked. It gave Saiyans long hair and a tail on top of heightened powers.
In “Dragon Ball Super: Broly,” it was said that his power comes from the wildness of the Great Ape. His appearance reflects that, and appears similar to the Super Saiyan 4 form.
The clearest indication that Broly’s powers are tied to the Super Saiyan 4 form is his golden pupils, which is a characteristic unique to that form.
We haven’t seen the form in the years following the movie, but it’s still possible that “Dragon Ball Super” brings back this form, even if it’s only for Broly to use.