Goku with a furrowed brow in Dragon Ball


Dragon Ball Needs To Kill Its Most Famous Plot
The story arc in “Dragon Ball” that gets repeated the most is one that many fans have come to love: fighting tournaments. However, these storylines probably shouldn’t continue.
Fighting tournaments bring the story to a dead halt pretty much every time. Suddenly, the show is no longer about defeating cosmic threats and instead becomes a set of matches.
These matches can go on for as long as 35 episodes with build-up to the fights ballooning a single saga to an eye-watering 55 episodes, which is notably evident in “Dragon Ball Z.”
Season 7 of “Z” pivots to a plotline where the stakes couldn’t be lower. King Kai proposes that the four quadrants of the galaxy have a tournament to decide the strongest warrior.
These competitions are mostly used to spin the wheels of the story while setting up the next proper arc. This is why the anime showcases battles that are skipped over in the manga.
Many fans now skip out on long-running anime simply due to their overwhelming length. Society has moved past the point where we need filler arcs and filler episodes.