Film version of Doctor Doom looking to the right


Doctor Doom Appears In The Deadpool 3 Trailer But Not Where You Think
While the "Deadpool 3" trailer hints at a major Wolverine storyline and drops a "Secret Wars" Easter egg, it also includes a shot of a hooded figure who resembles Doctor Doom.
Toward the end of the trailer, Deadpool can be seen lying on the ground following an explosion that knocks him off his feet.
If fans pay close attention here, they’ll be able to spot an issue of "Secret Wars" #5 from 2015, where Doctor Doom just so happens to grace the cover.
The scene suggests that "Deadpool 3" will have major implications for the MCU as it heads into "Avengers: Secret Wars," but it could also be hinting toward the arrival of Doom.
The social media response to the trailer indicates that the fans want this menace to be the next major threat to the MCU. "THIS BETTER BE DOCTOR DOOM," wrote a passionate fan on X.
Although a villain of Doom’s magnitude would undoubtedly add some stakes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actual plans are presently unknown.