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Happy Endings
Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” was critically acclaimed, a box office success, and it even earned an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. At the end of the movie, audiences were expecting the protagonist Chris to be gunned down or arrested but in a truly original and unexpected twist, he survives.
Get Out
Danny Boyle's grungy thriller "28 Days Later" was an instant zombie genre classic upon release in 2002. However, the ending of this zombie apocalypse classic didn’t end in tragedy but rather saw the remaining survivors recovering in a pleasant cottage.
28 Days Later
The ending of the ‘80s horror classic “Poltergeist” saw one of the characters almost drowning in a pool of skeletons and the Freeling family barely escaping before their home collapsed into a portal. But the final scene of the movie ends with the family relaxing at a motel, grateful to be alive and together.
The 2019 thriller "Ready or Not" is about a newlywed who's marrying into a wealthy family who later that night begins hunting her down to provide a blood sacrifice. However, she manages to escape their clutches which causes them to explode in a manner that's both horrific and comedic.
Ready Or Not
The Swedish film “Let The Right One In” is a vampire film unlike any other that is centered around a cute friendship between a vampire and a 12-year-old boy. The movie has a bloody climax but ends with the two friends running away toward their own personal "happily ever after."
Let the Right One In