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Diablo Immortal:
How To Fill
Bestiary Pages
The Bestiary is unlocked as part of the main storyline. A quest called "The Horadric Bestiary" will trigger while the player is working their way through the Dark Wood. They will have to fight several Fallen, but the quest will eventually lead them to interact with an altar where they can retrieve the book.
Filling the Bestiary is an excellent way for players to earn experience points early on in the game and there is even the potential to unlock a few legendary items. In order to unlock new pages, players will need to collect 10 Monstrous Essences which can either be collected through the story or attempt to farm them in an area with lots of weaker monsters.
Once the player has 10 Monstrous Essences, they can return to a Horadic Alter or simply open their bestiary and exchange them for a new page which also contributes to the level of the Bestiary itself. It's generally wise to do this right away, as the player cannot hold more than 10 Monstrous Essences at a time.
This can only be done three times a day and pages are received at random, so pages that are unlocked aren't actually correlated to creatures the player has seen up until that point and it's possible to get multiple copies of the same creature. Unlocking a new page grants gold, Battle Points, various items, or Scrap Metals, and gives the player a shot at a Legendary Item.