Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham cover


DC Comics: Batman
Is Abandoning His Bruce Wayne Persona In New Series
DC Black Label is exploring a twisted world where Batman has cast aside the Bruce Wayne half of his life in the new series “Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham,” set to release Sept. 16.
The show will be a four-issue series written and drawn by Eisner Award winner Rafael Grampá. The announcement teases a “grim and terrifying vision of Batman
and Gotham City.”
It will be so grim that Batman finally has to choose between the two conflicting sides of his persona, electing to forgo civilian life and dedicate himself fully to vigilantism.
The official synopsis from DC shares, “Batman makes a definitive choice — to kill off the Bruce Wayne identity for good and embrace the cape and cowl full-time.”
If Batman does “kill off” what’s left of Bruce Wayne, he may be killing off what’s left of his own humanity. Without him, Batman could end up in a more dire place than ever.
According to Rafael Grampá, "[The series] makes my dream of bringing my own interpretation of Batman to life a reality as I delve into the darkest corners of his essence."