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Darth Vader's Two Sith 'Fathers' - A Star Wars Theory Explained
The "Star Wars" franchise possesses a wealth of lore and history, and a few key texts over the years have lent credence to particular theories of Anakin's conception over others.
Some rumors hold that Lucas originally intended to confirm that Palpatine created Anakin with the Force in "Revenge of the Sith" but decided against it.
This fits well with the notorious tale of Darth Plagueis told in that film, which details the efforts of Palpatine's former master to create life through the dark side.
The 2012 novel by James Luceno named after Darth Plagueis explores the idea further, and it's revealed that Plagueis didn't die until after Anakin was discovered on Tatooine.
He and Palpatine theorize that the existence of the child is proof that their dark side experiments worked. This theory, however, is not considered part of the current canon.
The 2018 comic issue "Darth Vader" #25 adds to the legend by having Vader journey through a surreal spiritual nightmare where one vision shows Darth Sidious with Anakin's mother.
Palpatine is casting a dark spell on a pregnant Shmi Skywalker from the shadows, and phrases like "Chosen One," "unnatural," and "There was no father" echo through the vision.
Lucasfilm stated that the comic wasn’t intended to confirm the Sith creation theory. His visions reflected his own mental state and suggestions from the dark side of the Force.
While the comic doesn't rule out the theory, it also doesn't make it canon. In all likelihood, some version of the "Sith fathers" theory has probably always been true.