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Critical Role: Amazon's Vox Machina's Cut Scenes Explained By Matt Mercer
“The Legend of Vox Machina” brings Critical Role's first “Dungeons & Dragons” campaign to Prime Video, but given the limited amount of episodes, not every part made it in.
Voice actor Matt Mercer told Collider, “There's always a number of small moments that aren't pertinent to the main story that you would love to have seen.”
He added, “You get to cut the fat in some places and in others improve it where an improvised narrative doesn't always hit everything a hundred percent of the time.”
The show hit all the major beats of Campaign One, but the group’s trip to Kraghammer was notably cut, despite being the journey that started the web series.
Other exclusions include, understandably, Tiberius Stormwind, as Orion Acaba left Critical Role, and Vox Machina's many shopping sessions and sidequests.