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Confirmation Of
A Major Big
Brother Season
24 Rumor Will
Have Fans Pumped
CBS announced that Season 24 of “Big Brother” will feature brand new houseguests, but very little information is available about the upcoming roster. The network’s announcement has plenty of fans speculating about where it will take place, but they aren’t speculating about whether or not the show will have a pre-recorded debut.
The “Big Brother” Season 24 debut will be live, as fans will get to see the new houseguests move in. The announcement did not clearly state when the post-premiere camera feeds would go live.
There's plenty of hype to go around, but On Reddit, viewers are already expecting to be disappointed. Redditor u/BBSuperFan98 lamented, "Obviously I am still gonna watch the season and watch the whole thing through...but after the rush and thrill of BBCAN10 I just know the US will never compare."