CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 07:  Chicago Fire's David Eigenberg during NBC’s 5th Annual Chicago Press Day at Lagunitas Brewing Company on October 7, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)
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Worst Storyline
On Chicago Fire
As a regular on NBC's first-responder hit "Chicago Fire," David Eigenberg's veteran firefighter Christopher Herrmann is easily the most loved character on the show. But as is true with any show enduring for 10 seasons and counting, not every narrative arc is a winner with fans — including one particular storyline they've called out as Herrmann's worst.
At the beginning of Season 6, Herrmann risked his life during a fire to save Mouch's life, while Casey did the same for another victim. However, several months later, Casey receives an Award of Valor, while Herrmann gets, well, nothing.
Fans took to Reddit, to discuss the injustice. One Redditor complained that while Casey does show courage, Herrmann could have saved himself but rescued Mouch instead. While another poster noted that Herrmann is badly burned in the fire but this is never addressed by the scriptwriters in follow-up episodes, concluding that overall: "S6ep1 just felt very lazy to me."