Chicago P.D. actors Patrick Flueger and Jesse Lee Soffer


Chicago P.D.: The Stunt That Ended With Patrick Flueger Crumpling To The Ground
Like watching a rocket take off, viewing stunt work in action can be an adrenaline rush as the promise of physical acumen combines with the chance that something could go wrong.
That’s what happened when “Chicago P.D.” actors Jesse Lee Soffer and Patrick Flueger tried to film an Instagram video, and one accidentally crane-kicked the other in his groin.
According to Flueger, he was wearing a special harness designed to protect the groin area but was unaware that it only worked if you were standing up straight.
Instead, Flueger crouched in an effort “to look as 'Dragon Ball Z' as possible," a risk that he paid dearly for.
The video of the incident is only 13 seconds long, the majority of which involves Flueger crumpling to the ground and lamenting that "it didn't work."