Christian Stolte as Mouch in a fire truck on Chicago Fire


Chicago Fire Season 12 Set Photos May Confirm If Mouch Is Dead
The wait for "Chicago Fire" Season 12 has been tough on fans since Season 11’s final moments saw Christian Stolte’s Mouch pass out while suffering from a bullet wound.
Although the wait for the new season continues, in early December, X account @EmJ_I_say posted several behind-the-scenes photos of the "Chicago Fire" Season 12 shoot.
The photos reveal Stolte in Mouch's firefighter garb sitting alongside Joe Minoso and David Eigenberg on the back step of an ambulance, similarly dressed as their own characters.
While the leaked set images of "Chicago Fire" Season 12 do seem to indicate that Mouch will survive his perilous injury, it's still not a guarantee.
The images of the team on-set lack context, and there’s also the possibility that it could be for a flashback of some kind, a purposeful misdirection for press, or something else.