Actor Taylor Kinney at a Chicago event


Chicago Fire Is Starting To Feel Like A Soap Opera According To Fans
“Chicago Fire” is 11 seasons strong and has earned a huge fanbase, but some Reddit users say the show is now more of a soap opera than a firehouse show.
“This is just a soap opera now And it's so sad. This used to be the best of the Chicago shows and now I'm … bored with it,” said u/Dani-mach in a thread about the show’s changes.
The complaints were varied, but many commenters agreed that “Chicago Fire” was made worse by the shift in focus to one of its most prevalent romantic pairings: Kidd and Severide.
Since the end of Season 4, Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd, played by Taylor Kinney and Miranda Rae Mayo respectively, were in a relationship that became the focus until Season 10.
“I loooved all the fires and action scenes and now we barely get anything and the show focuses on stella and severide so much,” commented Redditor u/Agile-Following9983.
However, with Kinney’s departure from “Chicago Fire” early in Season 11, fans might soon see the show again as it once was, about the firehouse antics and actual firefighting.