Charlie Barnett in Chicago Fire


Chicago Fire: Being Written Off The Show 'Broke' Charlie Barnett
Coming aboard NBC's hit "Chicago Fire" in the premiere episode in 2012, Charlie Barnett's novice firefighter Peter Mills became a central player in the series' first three seasons.
His character went through many challenges before being assigned to the Rescue Truck and even had a romantic storyline with colleague Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymond).
Barnett was on the show for over 60 episodes and also appeared on "Chicago P.D." His three seasons on the show made him a franchise favorite and a character that fans want back.
With such a pivotal role in "Chicago Fire" in its early seasons, it's understandable that Barnett took it hard when he was dropped from the cast in 2015.
Barnett said in the aftermath of his exit, "I was really sad to be let go. It broke me for quite a long time." Still, he was very grateful to have been involved with the series.
Barnett took to Twitter, writing, "If I had my way, I wouldn't be leaving, but I can't deny the time I had was beyond amazing."