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Ezra Miller at the "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" Press Conference at the Palihouse on November 3, 2018 in West Hollywood, California.


Breaking Down The Flash's Second Trailer (Small Details & Big Reveals)
Wayne Manor
The opening sequences of the trailer transport viewers back to Wayne Manor, but this Wayne Manor boasts a grandeur that’s different from Tim Burton’s “Batman” movies.
We also see Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen walk down a long footpath toward the mansion's door, a side of the building that hasn't been shown in DC movies until now.
The Batmen mentors
The trailer suggests that the Batmen will have mentor roles in “The Flash” as their brutal life experiences make them perfect father figures for Barry Allen.
Both Batmen have had decades to process grief and are willing to talk about it with DC's fastest superhero, who also carries the grief of losing his parents.
Secondhand suit.
“The Flash” stars not one but two Barry Allens, which means that “The Flash” also stars not one but two Flashes that have visually distinct costumes.
In the latest trailer, Flash Number One is sporting a comics-accurate red-and-gold super-onesie, and Flash Number Two is weirdly sporting clunky body armor.
Mystery Hero
One interesting spot in the trailer is at the 1:03 mark, where we see a mysterious figure standing behind the child as Zod's Kryptonian terraforming device begins its destruction.
Based on their actions, the character gives off the vibe that they're some sort of hero, making the other Barry, who features throughout the trailer, the most realistic candidate.
Barry Gets Burned
The trailer for "The Flash" gives fans quick glimpses of an experiment depicted in DC Comics’ “Flashpoint,” which leaves Barry covered with horrible burns.
In “Flashpoint,” Barry wakes up in an alternate reality where he is not the Flash, which leads to an experiment to recreate the lightning strike that gave him his super speed.