TUSTIN, CA - MARCH 08:  TV personality/reality star Brandi Passante attends the Premiere Party For "Storage Wars" Season 4 held at Now and Then Thrift Store on March 8, 2014 in Tustin, California.  (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
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Brandi Was
Frustrated With
Jarrod For Pulling
This Prank On
Storage Wars
For much of her early tenure on “Storage Wars,” Brandi Passante worked alongside her partner Jarrod Schulz, but apparently, A&E later fired Jarrod after he was charged with domestic battery. Obviously, their dynamic was complicated and one of their biggest on-screen clashes happened after Brandi became upset about a prank Jarrod pulled on her.
A&E shared a video to its YouTube channel titled "Storage Wars: Top 4 Couple Fights w/ Brandi & Jarrod," consisting of what could be considered the four most memorable times Brandi and Jarrod argued with one another on-camera as a couple. One of those four fights begins after Brandi wins a storage locker auction by unknowingly placing a bid with an inadvertent arm raise.
This leads into a montage of Jarrod covertly placing bids on lockers by quickly raising his hand behind Brandi's back which the auctioneer accepted as a bid because the two worked together. A frustrated Brandi asks him to stop, but it’s too late and she is forced to buy the lockers for the bid amounts Jarrod placed in her name.