Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods


Blue Bloods: Why Do They Use Fake Silverware For Family Dinners?
With enough repetition, certain situations become comforting tropes on long-running television shows. On the CBS cop drama “Blue Bloods,” it’s the Reagan’s Sunday dinners.
Tom Selleck, who plays Commissioner Frank Reagan, says the dinners are “the most fun to film because everyone is telling stories, laughing, sharing their points-of-view.”
However, eating the same foods over different takes can be miserable, especially when the prop cutlery the actors use complicates things.
The show did originally use real plates, glasses, and silverware for the dinner scenes in the early seasons, but the noises kept getting picked up by the studio mics.
After the problem persisted, the crew switched to plastic silverware, but that still posed some challenges because plastic breaks easily.
Still, the cast loves being at the table together anyway because once a show, they “get to have a family dinner, which [they] all look forward to,” according to Selleck.