Vanessa Ray and Will Estes wedding scene in Blue Bloods


Blue Bloods: Vanessa Ray & Will Estes’ Chemistry Was Clear Even To Her Mom
Since its premiere in 2010, “Blue Bloods” has seen numerous character relationships play out, such as Jamie and Eddie’s, who are played by Will Estes and Vanessa Ray respectively.
In a 2022 interview with The Nerds of Color, Ray said that her mother noticed how the co-stars never stop talking while everyone else takes a minute.
The partnership between Jamie and Eddie has endearingly evolved since Vanessa Ray joined the cast in Season 4, but the co-stars have become close confidantes off-screen.
Ray added that she and her co-star never experienced pauses in their talks. Even in their disagreements, the actors always found a way to agree on any topic or issue.
Although they have a strong friendship, the actors have also spoken about the difficulties of playing romantic partners while maintaining a friendship in reality.
It wasn’t always easy to separate the bond her mother observed between the colleagues from Jamie and Eddie’s passion for one another.
Both actors revealed in 2019 that the second kiss between their roles was weirder than the first. “We’d already become friends at that point,” Estes said.