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Black Adam's
History With
Black Adam is traditionally the archnemesis of DC's Captain Marvel, the hero more commonly known today as Shazam. As far as the comic book lore is concerned Black Adam is not a sworn enemy of Superman, but the two have crossed paths on occasion.
A brief history
Black Adam first battled Superman in issue C-58 of "All-New Collectors' Edition." It all unfolds on Earth-One after Black Adam uses a spell to disguise himself as Captain Marvel and begins destroying Metropolis.
1st comic book battle
A few years later, Black Adam returned to Earth-One in "DC Comics Presents" #49, which hit shelves in September 1982. Black Adam hoped to conquer the world defeating Superman in the process, but after a big battle, and an assist from Captain Marvel, the supervillain is sent back to his own planet.
Earth-One Rematch
In the years that followed their second bout, Earth-One and Earth-S were merged into a single New Earth where their third bout ensues. The 2005 "Action Comics" #831, would be the last battle between Superman and Black Adam in the mainstream continuity.
New Earth stalemate
After the DC Rebirth rebrand, the two interacted on a number of occasions, including briefly in the "Doomsday Clock" limited series and in the "Endless Winter" crossover event. The Man of Steel invited Black Adam to join the Justice League and as recently as the 2022 "Dark Crisis" event, he has remained a member.
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