Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory


Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper Is The Reason The Unaired Pilot Is So Hard To Watch
While "The Big Bang Theory" is a popular sitcom now, the unaired pilot lacks much of its cast and features an entirely different attitude — especially regarding Sheldon Cooper.
The pilot features Sheldon sipping beer and discussing his adult magazine preferences, a far cry from the Sheldon we've come to know and love in the actual series and its prequel.
While the pilot is weaker overall, Sheldon is definitely the worst part of it because the show fails to capture the qualities that make him captivating in the first place.
The biggest problem with this pilot version of Sheldon Cooper is that it eschews his social awkwardness, quirkiness, neurosis, and socially conservative behavior.
Instead, viewers are introduced to a much more bold Sheldon, who is more sexually forward compared to the romantic Leonard.
It's hard to imagine liking this version of the character enough to follow him into his childhood for a spin-off. Thankfully, he shed his pilot-related beginnings.