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The episode titled “Petergeist” is a parody of the 1982 horror classic "Poltergeist," Peter attempts to open and build a movie theater on an Indian burial ground in his backyard releasing a poltergeist that sucks Stewie into a TV set.
40. Season 4, Episode 26
In the aptly titled “Barely Legal,” the guys help Joe on the police force and Meg becomes obsessed with Brian after he takes her to the prom. A must-see episode for fans who love when Meg Griffin is the butt of the joke.
39. Season 5, Episode 8
This classic titled “Road to Rupert” just might be the quintessential "Family Guy" episode because it revolves around two things for which the show excels and is best known: a Brian and Stewie adventure, and Peter doing something recklessly stupid and immature inspired by popular culture.
38. Season 5, Episode 9
In one of the best Halloween episodes of the series, “Halloween on Spooner Street” includes epic pranks on Quagmire; Brian and Stewie trick-or-treating; and a very twisted round of spin the bottle.
37. Season 9, Episode 4
The "Road" episodes of "Family Guy" are always a treat, both an homage and parody of the old Bing Crosby/Bob Hope "Road" movies, but centered on a tumultuous, chaotic Brian and Stewie journey. "Roads to Vegas" is a mashup of this format with one of Stewie's gadget-powered sci-fi mishaps.
36. Season 11, Episode 21