Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie


Barbie: Ken Sings Matchbox 20's Push Thanks To Rob Thomas’ Crush On Greta Gerwig
This story contains spoilers for "Barbie."
It’s impossible to ignore the impact the killer soundtrack of “Barbie” had on the film. There’s one scene in particular that had people cracking up long after the credits.
It’s when the Kens take over Barbieland and start singing “Push” by Matchbox Twenty to their Barbies. It’s used to portray the patriarchy and toxic masculinity in Barbieland.
USA Today got to speak with Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas, and he had a sense of humor about it since he was used to being the butt of the joke in the ‘90s.
Thomas was delighted with the final result and had a personal connection to letting “Barbie” use the song. He admitted to having a huge crush on the film’s director, Greta Gerwig.
Luckily, the scene “didn’t diminish [his] crush on Greta,” according to the singer. Using “Push” for that moment was a stroke of genius and it really stood out.