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Are Holly And
Nathan From Too
Hot To Handle
Still Together?
Netflix’s "Too Hot to Handle" is a reality dating game show that features several 20-somethings trying to abstain from romantic contact to win money. In Season 3, Nathan and Holly found each other so irresistible that at one point the prize money pool dropped to $0 — in part because the two couldn't keep their hands off each other. So, has their relationship continued beyond the show?
According to official sources, Holly and Nathan are no longer together. The show’s Official Instagram posted a video of the pair explaining that with the pandemic and Holly’s higher education goals, it was hard to keep things as spicy as they were on the show.
However, Holly and Nathan’s personal Instagram posts paint a very different picture as they share numerous flirtatious messages and post photos canoodling with each other. While some claim that the two are faking it for promotional purposes, it's probably a safe bet to assume that no matter what's going on, the status of their relationship is: "it's complicated."