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In "The Curse of Oak Island" Season 1 finale, while searching through a swamp, metal detection expert Steve Zazulyk found a Spanish Maravedis copper coin engraved with the number “8” on it. Further analysis of the coin revealed that it was minted in 1652 and had been lost in the swamp for hundreds of years, and not planted recently.
Maravedí Copper Coin
In the Season Two episode “Return to the Money Pit,” treasure hunter Gary Dayton and his team found two coin-shaped objects while metal detecting. One turned out to be a 17th century button from an unknown military officer’s outfit, and the other was assumed to be another 17th century Maravedi, though smaller than the one found in Season One’s finale.
17th Century Items
In the third episode of the second season, Drayton and team leader Rick Lagina made another double discovery while metal detecting along the shoreline of Oak Island. They found two 17th century King Charles II Britannia coins, and one of the coins had “1771” clearly printed on its surface, seemingly confirming the centuries old age of the currency.
1700's Britannia Coins
In the fifth episode of Season Two, “The 90-foot Stone,” Tony Sampson cleaned the coin Drayton found in “Return to the Money Pit” and discovered a distinctive cross symbol. The team suspected that the cross could be the symbol of the Knights Templar who, in the 13th century, instituted one of the first international banking systems.
The Knights Templar Coin
In “Circles in Wood,” the sixth episode of Season Four, Drayton, Jack Begley, and Alex Lagina searched a property once owned by former slave-turned-cabbage farmer Samuel Ball with metal detectors. After finding a chain in the ground, the team found a small copper and bronze ring and a coin they suspected was hundreds of years old.
A Copper Ring and a Coin