Ben Affleck publicity portrait for the film 'Daredevil', 2003. (Photo by 20th Century-Fox/Getty Images)
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In the Marvel Universe, Matt Murdock lost his sight due to a dangerous chemical spill, but his enhanced hearing made him a walking lie detector. He can hear the slightest changes in heartbeats to discern truths from lies, and even identify people from their heartbeats more than 20 feet away.
Hearing Heartbeats
Though Daredevil's raw strength isn't the best, the hero has shown that he doesn't need it. Along with his martial art prowess, his incredible sense of touch enables him to analyze the structural strengths and weaknesses of an opponent or a structure, making him an efficient fighting machine.
Sensing pressure points
Daredevil's sense of smell has received a significant boost, and he can even tell twins apart and identify anyone he’s spent five minutes with, no matter how they try to mask the scent. He's also an excellent tracker who's able to find his target no matter where they hide.
Superhuman smell
Daredevil's senses are so strong that he becomes instantly aware of even the slightest atmospheric pressure and temperature changes. Combined with his radar sense and hyper-sensitive skin, he can even tell when someone with teleportation powers is about to pop up in front of him.
Sensing disturbances
During a stint in jail, Daredevil saved his own life through his sense of taste, foiling someone's attempt to poison him. Daredevil's sense of taste is so powerful that he is able to distinguish the different ingredients used, including the one that is "wildly off."
Superhuman taste