Stormtrooper in front of Earth


AI Reimagines Stormtrooper Costumes From Different Countries

TikTok user PlanetAI posted a video showing different AI-generated stormtrooper armors themed from different countries, and the designs are amazing.

PlanetAI's stormtrooper armors based in Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Greece, and the Netherlands shift the familiar colors to match their respective countries better.

The Belgian, Brazilian, Dutch, and Greek stormtroopers have clearly seen battle, while the German stormtrooper is just as clearly a high-ranking official.

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian, Chinese, Indian, Iranian, Mexican, Portuguese, and South African stormtroopers boast intricate patterns that suggest a more formal usage.

The most imaginative armor PlanetAI posted are those based in Egypt, Japan, Panama, and Sweden. The Egyptian stormtrooper, in particular, is unquestionably a Sith Lord.