Superman with glowing red eyes


AI Redesigns Superman's Costume Based on Different Countries

TikTok user OnePieceAI used artificial intelligence to reimagine Superman's costumes in different countries, displaying what he would look like in 14 different countries.

Split into two categories, the redesigns for Australia, China, Italy, Nigeria, and Portugal fall into the first called "Are We Sure These Are Different Costumes?"

Canadian Superman is similar to the original but accidentally resembles Omni-Man. The second category is "What If Superman Wore Armor, Though?"

The Superman of Brazil, Egypt, India, Japan, Mexico, and Sweden look ready for battle. Sweden’s Superman deserves a shout-out for transforming into a shinier Robocop.

The two outliers are Ireland, whose Superman resembles Green Lantern, and Greece wears a fitted white robe that makes him look like a Greek god.