Scorpion from Mortal Kombat 2021 film


AI Creates Flawless Mortal Kombat Supercars
TikToker utilized AI to envision what type of cars the Mortal Kombat fighters might drive based on each one's aesthetic.
Sub-Zero gets an icy blue ride as he always wears something blue. Sonya Blade has an army green-inspired whip since she wears a green sports bra or beret in the games.
As the God of Thunder, Raiden has a car gloriously illuminated by forks of lightning, and Kano's car looks to have mechanical enhancements similar to the Batmobile.
The cars uploaded by look amazing. They'd only be better if the characters themselves were behind the wheels so that fans could see how powerful the vehicles are.
Ultimately, fans seem to love the AI creations, with @antoineeverette0 commenting, "All those cars are badass, just [can't] pick one."