Spider-Man from Into the Spider-verse


AI Creates Amazing Spider-Man Costumes Based On Various Countries
The name Spider-Man conjures a specific image, but Peter Parker never stuck to one aesthetic. None of his most powerful costumes in the Marvel multiverse mirror his standard gear.
The aesthetic breathing room invites fans like TikTok digital artist @spanishia to experiment. With MidJourney, they’ve reimagined the hero as if he were from different countries.
The formula must've worked well for them because they posted a follow-up video. All told, @spanishia created 23 Spider-Variants from 23 countries.
The Spider-Men based on Austria, Greece, the U.K., Ukraine, Iceland, Montenegro, and Greenland, are the variants that appear most similar to Peter Parker's typical attire.
Other variants deviate a bit more. The China Spider-Man wears intricate, beautiful epaulets, and the Albania Spider-Man wears a hood that appears to be made out of webbing.
Mozambique Spider-Man is only recognizable as a wall-crawler because of his mask, and Vatican City Spider-Man is clearly an "Assassin's Creed" fan.
Some variants prove AI needs sensitivity training to combat harmful stereotypes, but most of them are stylish, battle-ready, and make sense as the wider, weirder Spider-Verse.