Rosario Dawson holding a lightsaber in Ahsoka


Ahsoka Used A Lightsaber Combat Maneuver That Both Jedi & Sith Avoid

This story contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 4 of “Ahsoka.”

“Ahsoka” has treated “Star Wars” fans to some of the most impressive lightsaber fights in the franchise’s history, but one move used in Episode 4 is a big no-no for Jedi and Sith.
If you look at the move Marrok (Paul Darnell) pulls at the 15:08 timestamp, you’ll see he deactivates one half of his double lightsaber as Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson) parries it.
Marrok moves past her and then reactivates the blade as Ahsoka stumbles. That nifty little maneuver is an established lightsaber technique found elsewhere in “Star Wars” lore.
The move set it comes from is called Tràkata, and it’s a specific lightsaber form that can be highly effective when used with perfect timing and movement.
However, The Jedi find this Tràkata combat move dishonorable because deception is the way of the dark side, and the Sith disavow it because they believe it shows weakness.
Faced with Ahsoka’s highly trained fighting style, Marrok tries to use Tràkata, perhaps sensing that he will be outmatched without a few dirty tricks.
However, Marrok doesn’t pull it off completely. A more trained Tràkata user would have used the move to slice Ahsoka in half, whereas Marrok only manages to unbalance her.