Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka


Ahsoka Fan Notices Something Gross About Her Ship That You Can’t Unsee
“Ahsoka” is full of technology that is advanced and lived-in, and one example is her iconic T-6 Jedi shuttle. A key component is the cool dining table that rises from the floor.
The table is in the main hall, which is spacious and unfurnished, so it’s used as needed, whether for training or dining. As cool as that is, there is something weird about it.
On Instagram, comedian Sam Horwitz pointed out how the table coming up from the floor isn’t hygienic. The issue is in Episode 3 when the characters are training in the table area.
Horwitz wrote, “Look, [Sabine’s] standing right in the middle — no regard for sanitation. Here they are fighting, getting their sweaty gross bodies all over [the table].”
It’s worth noting that the “Star Wars” franchise has sci-fi cleaning technology up its sleeve, so just because we don’t see the surface being cleaned, it doesn’t mean it’s dirty.