Adria Arjona with a microphone


Adria Arjona Cast As Wonder Woman In DCU Fanart

Actress Adria Arjona has become a well-known name thanks in part to her role as Bix Caleen in "Andor." One artist has realized Arjona as another beloved heroine: Wonder Woman.

In March 2023, artist @21xfour shared an impressive rendering on Instagram depicting Arjona as DC superhero Wonder Woman, donning a similar costume as Gal Gadot.

The caption states, "If she [Arjona] got the opportunity to portray #WonderWoman we could expect nothing less than greatness."

The half-body portrait was the artist's third DC fan-cast illustration, and they later transformed the piece into full-body concept art with more comic-accurate clothing.

The strong reactions stem from the impressive quality of the art and from the casting decision itself, as many fans have expressed their interest in seeing her as Wonder Woman.

In the subreddit r/DC_Cinematic, u/Almighty_Push91 said. "She has had rave reviews in Andor, overall, a good actress [...] and definitely looks the part."