BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - MAY 14: Joseph Quinn attends Netflix's "Stranger Things" season 4 premiere at Netflix Brooklyn on May 14, 2022 in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
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A D&D Error In
Stranger Things
Season 4 Has
Fans Arguing
"Stranger Things" creators, the Duffer Brothers, have been inspired by the lore of "Dungeons & Dragons" and have regularly introduced game elements into the show. The show is generally spot on with its D&D representation, but recently made a discrepancy so jarring that some fans took to Reddit to discuss the error.
The error occurs when Eddie inquires about what Erika’s D&D credentials are. As Redditor u/cippopotomas explained, “He asks her for her class and level and then jokes she's a level 1 Dwarf. But Dwarf isn't a class, it's a race.”
At first glance, this seems like an obvious mistake, but it may be more complicated than that. Redditor u/Roverboef noted that game versions aren't so cut and dry, stating. "As many old players from the 70s and 80s will tell you, people just mixed all sorts of different [manuals and modules] together.”