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5 TV Shows Changed By Full-Frontal Nudity

In this series based on "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" by Charlaine Harris, Sookie (Anna Paquin) meets a charming vampire named Bill (Stephen Moyer.)

True Blood

Sex and vampires typically go hand-in-hand in pop culture, and "True Blood" was one of the raunchiest shows on television, with crazy sex parties happening on screen.

Based on the novel series "A Song of Ice and Fire," this show kicks off with Emilia Clarke going fully nude and later sees twin siblings having sex.

Game of Thrones

"Game of Thrones" created the term "sexposition," as an early scene provided an essential character’s backstory while two women were having sex. This sealed the show’s reputation.

We see the intimate lives of most characters in "Euphoria," so much so that actors Sydney Sweeny and Minka Kelly asked creator Sam Levison to tone down their full-frontal scenes.


"Girls" was a very controversial show, partially thanks to its rampant nudity. The show was not shy about showing its characters' intimate lives.


Creator Lena Dunham herself disrobed constantly, and "Girls" absolutely pushed the envelope when it came to nudity and put forth the idea that all body types can be celebrated.

"Orange is the New Black" never shied away from showing women's bodies and queer love, and its full-frontal nudity made sense given its subject material.

Orange is the New Black

Because of the earnest and respectful way the material was handled, the nudity never felt exploitative, but it did cement the show as one unafraid to show absolutely everything.