Mickey Rooney in Night at the Museum


5 Controversial Commercials That Were Too Steamy For The Super Bowl
Fast food chain Carl's Jr. released a Super Bowl ad in 2012 featuring Kate Upton watching a movie at a drive-in theater only to pull out a spicy burger loaded with jalapeños.
Overly Spicy
Unable to handle its spiciness, she begins undressing, much to the curiosity of a man sitting nearby. The ad was also too hot for censors, as it didn't make it to the big game.
In PETA’s 2009 "Veggie Love" commercial, several seductively dressed women only have eyes for vegetables. One sexily licks a pumpkin and another caresses her legs with broccoli.
Vegetarians Gone Wild
NBC gave PETA a list of scenes to cut, including a woman "rubbing asparagus on breast" so that the ad would be suitable to air, which is pretty much most of the commercial.
Due to Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl halftime show controversy in 2004, Airborne’s 2005 ad where Mickey Rooney runs out of a sauna, showing his bare butt in the process, never aired.
Wardrobe Malfunction
Bud Light had an ad banned in 2010 where an office hosts a clothing drive, and people get a beer for each article of clothing they donate. This led to several people getting naked.
Overly Charitable
Dating service Ashley Madison specializes in those looking for extramarital affairs. Its 2011 ad was banned due to adult film star Savanna Samson being in her underwear by the end.
Rated M