MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 04:  Matt Stone and Trey Parker arrives ahead of The Book of Mormon opening night at Princess Theatre on February 4, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Sam Tabone/WireImage)
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South Park

Butters works as a pimp, but doesn’t condone the business model sex workers are forced into. Instead, he favors a world where sex workers can ply their trade safely.

30. Butters' Bottom Bitch

The “Medicinal Fried Chicken” episode delivered a good-natured ribbing to the legalization movement. Cartman's rise in the illegal fried chicken trade also includes a memorable parody of 1983’s “Scarface.”

29. Medicinal Chicken

This episode caused a fringe religious group to post what some interpreted as a threat against the lives of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. A scenario along those lines that seemed utterly plausible at the time gives you an idea of the intensity surrounding "200."

28. 200

This episode posited that because of the random nature of the universe, good things inevitably happen to awful people. But maybe that's okay, as long as we can depend on terrible folks like Cartman to be morons who screw themselves right back down into the septic tank of misery and shame where they belong.

27. Cartmanland

Kenny McCormick, a regular character and the tentpole of Stan, Kyle, and Cartman's circle of friends, slowly passes away from muscular dystrophy. Cartman takes it upon himself to protest federal restrictions on stem cell research in hopes that medicine and science could save his pal.

26. Kenny Dies