SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 20:  Zac Efron attends the Australian premiere of The Greatest Showman at The Star on December 20, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)
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10 Great Dramas
From 2022 That
Flew Under The
A young couple, Albee and Walker, on the verge of divorce, rent an Airbnb cabin from a lovely couple in the woods to give their marriage one last shot. The result is a heartbreakingly honest drama where the audience gets hurt just as much as Albee and Walker do by the time the credits roll.
The Wheel
Lonely Brian lives in the Welsh countryside, spends most of his days scavenging scrap, and builds a robot that mysteriously comes to life. The humor is delightfully weird and awkward, but its most endearing aspect is how it depicts a touching benevolence underneath its protagonist's trauma.
Brian and Charles
Erin returns to the ranch she abandoned to escape her violent, alcoholic father, and reunites with Cal, her brother who stayed behind and now tends to their dying dad. As the two estranged siblings confront their past and their demons, they are finally able to forgive each other.
Montana Story

Two men discover a large gold nugget in the desert, which won’t budge, and one must stay behind and guard their newly found treasure until the other gets back with the right equipment. Zac Efron plays the man left behind, delivering a powerful performance, and because of him, "Gold" is an underrated gem.

This is one of the most charmingly delightful dramedies of the year, based on the true story of a long-married couple who find a loophole in a lottery game called WinFall. It's hard not to like this lovely little weekend film, even if there isn’t enough to fall in love with on a first watch.
Jerry and Marge Go Large