TJ Dietsch

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Orange County, New York
Ohio Wesleyan University
Comics, Movies, TV
  • From his earliest days, TJ has been a fan of cartoons, TV shows, movies, toys and comics. He's been reading and watching for almost 40 years and has managed to take that fandom and turn it into a career covering those same subjects in fun, informative ways.
  • In addition to news coverage and lists, TJ has interviewed many pop culture icons ranging from Harold Ramis and John Landis to Stan Lee, Mr. T, Danny Trejo, George A. Romero, and Noelle Stevenson.
  • Dietsch has attended every year of the New York Comic Con and covered it for sites like CBR and Marvel. He has also been to New York Toy Fair a number of times to get the latest action figure and collectible news.


TJ has been loving and absorbing pop culture since his earliest days. After college he moved to New York to work for Wizard Entertainment, first in the research department and then as the associate editor of ToyFare. With Wizard's magazines declining, Dietsch made the transition to freelance writing, working on pieces for Marvel, Maxim, MTV, Comic Book Resources, Fandom, Topless Robot, and plenty of others. In the ensuing decade-plus, he's covered conventions, done interviews, and penned research pieces on comics, television, movies and collectibles.


Dietsch attended Ohio Wesleyan University where he studied creative writing, literature and classics. In addition to learning the basics, he put them to good use analyzing classic literature through the lens of pop culture.
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