Silas Clymer

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Eugene, OR
Eastern Mennonite University
Movies, TV, Video Games
  • By the time he was just six years old, Silas had established a reputation in his community as the kid who liked talking about movies. Mentioning any character from Star Wars could get him going for hours.
  • Silas has over four years of experience writing news articles, with a focus on film and television reviews.
  • Known to fish obscure details out of the blue, Silas is a trivia fanatic who specializes in the topics of fine arts, literature, and pop culture.


Silas got his start with news and review writing through EMU's student-led newspaper, The Weather Vane. While getting involved in page editing, proofreading, website production, and leadership as co-editor-in-chief of the paper, his favorite role was always writing film reviews. For his senior capstone project, Silas explored the filmmaking process from screenplay conception to final cut. The experience gave him a deeper appreciation for the process and only reinforced a passion for future creative storytelling projects.


Silas received his bachelor's in both mathematics and computer science at Eastern Mennonite University, two majors that lend themselves well to an affinity for science fiction, as well as an analytical appreciation for the patterns and relationships that make up all types of storytelling. A minor in music sprang from his deep love for film and video game soundtracks.
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