Shane O'Neill

Photo of Shane O'Neill
Rochester, New York
University At Buffalo
Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Universal Monsters Franchise
  • Shane has studied the art of storytelling for almost his entire life, writing short stories and scripts since childhood.
  • He has worked on several kinds of short films ranging from experimental dramas to documentaries. He has also dipped his toe into the music video pool.
  • While he often puts together live-action productions, he's a big proponent of animation — specifically stop-motion- which started his love of filmmaking many years ago.


Shane's professional writing journey began in late 2018 when he started his film blog, The O'Neill Review, which gave way to more opportunities in short order. In 2019, he joined Screen Rant, where he remained until 2020. That year, he also began his tenure at Xoop and Alb Media at large. In addition to being a part of Xoop's news team, he has also contributed to Nicki Swift's news team and the features side of Wrestling Inc. All the while, he's continued chipping away at his own film projects.


Shane graduated magna cum laude from the University at Buffalo in 2021 with his bachelor's degree in film studies.
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