Scott Harris-King

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Atlantic Union College
Comics, History, Sports
  • Scott Harris-King has been consuming, critiquing, and creating pop media since the 1970s and sees the through-lines that connect "The Love Boat" to "Game of Thrones."
  • Raised inside a strict religious sect that restricted and demonized creative expressions like movies, television, and gaming, Scott Harris-King brings a unique outsider's perspective to his critical approach to pop culture.
  • A born storyteller, Scott Harris-King began writing his first stories at the age of six and has never stopped.


After beginning his professional writing career as a sports journalist for the Clinton Daily Item in central Massachusetts, Scott-Harris-King worked as a technical writer for a medical supply company before switching to online pop culture review with in 2007. He has written for as well as PopSugar, TV Squad, Moviefone,, The Huffington Post, and NextMovie among others. Scott began writing for Alb Media in 2015, and has been scripting clips for their YouTube content streams since 2016. His ongoing comic book series "The Crimebusters," which he both writes and draws, began publication in 2019.


Scott Harris-King received a bachelor's degree in English from the private religious school Atlantic Union College in 1996, where the arts were cherished by few and looked upon with suspicion by many. This skepticism helped shape a uniquely critical view of the effects and purposes of pop culture.
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