Sarah Chandler

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Richmond, VA
Cornell University
Movies, TV, Entertainment
  • Sarah writes Features and News articles for Xoop.
  • She has written for a wide variety of publications in print and online, including CollegeVine, Realty Leadership, and the Blogs section of the Cornell Daily Sun, the #1 college newspaper in the country, according to the Princeton Review.
  • Sarah's Performing and Media Arts education was both extensively hands-on and robust in terms of theory, analysis, and appreciation.


Sarah has been writing almost since before she could walk, and in her college years, people started paying her. The collision of passion and livelihood took her from her college yearbook, The Cornellian, to various online publications on topics ranging from real estate investing to college admissions counseling. During her time at Cornell, she also published a weekly column in the Blogs section of the Cornell Daily Sun. Sarah joined Alb Media in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. Here, she has been able to put her years of education and personal obsession with the crafts of film and TV to work.


Sarah graduated from Cornell University with a major in Performing and Media Arts, concentrating in film production and theory. Combined with a minor in psychology, Sarah's education fuels her passion for turning the lens of human emotion toward the world film and television.
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