Rob Clough

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Durham, NC
Duke University
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Comics, Twin Peaks
  • Rob's encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel Comics has helped him win multiple Marvel trivia contests, including an Avengers trivia quiz where longtime Avengers editor Tom Breevort was also a contestant.
  • His deep knowledge of Marvel Comics has allowed him to anticipate obscure character appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • High-Low, Rob's long-running comics review and features blog, was named a Top 75 comics blog by Its contents are also a permanent part of the collection at the Library of Congress.


Rob Clough has written about comics and pop culture for over two decades. His comics historian articles on the Avengers have been used widely by many other sites. He's written for The Comics Journal, Sequart, Studygroup Magazine, Cricket, and many others. He is a founding member of Fieldmouse Press and a frequent contributor to its comics criticism site. He's been a juror for the Eisner Awards, the Locher Award, and the Maisie Kukoc Award for minicomics. He has co-published six graphic novels with many more to come. He's also the programming director for the Small Press Expo, a teacher of comics, and a professional editor/advisor for cartoonists.


Rob has a B.A. in Philosophy from Duke University, with an emphasis in aesthetics. This analytical approach gives him unique insight into how to break down the themes, structures, and ideas behind the media he writes about.
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